The Marine Holding the sea bag is Park Myers Jr.  This photograph was taken November 25, 1968, at 2-3-4, formerly Delta 4.  Park was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor for his conduct on August 6, 1968.   Read his citation in the Photos Section.  The helicopter is a plant.





I believe that you Delta 4 was our CAP 2-3-4. I had heard of rumors of our CAP being overrun in early 1969. I didn't realize that she had been overrun so many times before that.

     I guess that there were several NVA officers that had infiltrated the PF population and when there were hit they killed most of the Marines and PF's. I guess that one Marine escaped to the river. That is the story but you know how stories change over the years.

     The pictures look very much the same. I remember the spot where they said that the old compound was located. It was next to the river and had a dirt road out in front of it. It was pretty much gone when I was there. It gave me an eerie feeling ever time we passed by just knowing that all of those good men died there. Sarge never planned a day or night site near that spot. I guess shortly after that overrun is when we went mobile.

     I was lucky in the fact that we were a mobile unit. Sgt. Pullen  was our CAP commander who had his shit together. I believe that he kept us alive on more than one occasion just from experience. He was force recon RVN 1963,1967, and with us in 70-71. I  had a short tour, and was lucky getting pulled out early when 2nd CAG disbanded in May 1971. CAP 2-3-4 and I believe 2-3-3 were the last two CAP's pulled out. We were seeing VC and NVA right up to the last day.       There was definitely lots of activity in this area. I keep waiting for some of the other Marines from my CAP to sign in. I check daily to see if they are on the rooster or signed the guest. 

     I do have a few pictures some of the PF's, maybe you could recognize some of them. I will try to figure out this scanner and get them scanned and sent to you. I have a Zippo lighter that has  my name, rank, unit, year and the name of the village Vinh Tho inscribed on it. I can't remember the name of the village whether this is accurate or not am only going from the lighter. If that is the name of one of the villages then we are definitely the same CAP.

Semper Fi,

John P. Ayres 

Received September 12, 2000, this may explain what happened to Delta 4.  Does anyone know when the compound was abandoned?


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