John P. 'Phil' Ayres Photos

Marine and PF - Can anyone identify these two?

Mark Rutter doing laundry.

Sgt. James Pullen checking his gear. These guys lived out of their packs.

J.T. Brewer was wounded in action January 1971.

The Lads - 2-3-4 Marines front left to right, Buddy Brown, Dave Adamsak, rear left to right P. L. Ryan and Mark Rutter.

Sgt. James Pullen was the 2-3-4 CAP Commander.

J.P. "Phil" Ayres and Buddy Brown

Ayres, Brown, and Ryan:  They seem really proud of that M-60, they probably stole it from another unit.

These Marines were with mobile CAP 2-3-4. Front row left Mark Rutter, unknown and Cpl. Gil. Phil doesn't know the name

Does anyone remember this PF or the child?

The Popular Forces Militiaman

One of the CAP 2-3-4 PF's lighting a candle at the ancestral shrine in his home. His home was used as one of the Day Sites.

The Vietnamese - Phil doesn't recall these two and doesn't think they were their PF's, they are too decked out. They may have been ARVN'

CAP 2-3-4 PF's

Revoluntary Development Team member. In 1967 and 68 Delta 4 Marines worked with these teams.

Mark Rutter is with one of the PF's notice the child looking on.

Can you identify this Marine and PF?

J.P Ayres and PF

Can you indentify the Marine dressed like Clint Eastwood or the other Marine?

Can't tell what he's doing unless he's trying to dry some papers.

Field Hygiene

Another river view.  On the left looks a lot like the old location of the Delta 4 Compound.

Typical scene - Pull him over and check him out.

The River

In the river - One of the Marines going for a swim.

A small temple - Does anyone know where this was located?   It looks like the one that was Northeast of the Delta 4 Compound.

The farmers

A hootch

A ville

Working in the paddies.

Pop A Smoke


How do you guys live out here?  Note the guy taking the photograph from the helicopter.



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